4L60E Transmission Shift Relearn Procedure

The 4L60E transmission shift relearn procedure is used to recalibrate the transmission’s shift points. This procedure needs to be completed when replacing a faulty solenoid, valve body, or after performing any major repair on the transmission. The steps for this procedure are as follows:

1. Connect a professional grade scan tool and select the proper vehicle from its database. 2. Place the vehicle in park with the engine running and initiate a manual relearn process within your scan tool’s menu system. 3. Once initiated, you must place your foot firmly on both brake pedals and press each one three times consecutively (within 10 seconds).

You should then hear/feel at least two shifts of the transmission while depressing both brakes simultaneously during this time period. 4. When complete, check that all gear positions have been properly learned before leaving this step in your scan tool’s menu system and remove it from “learn mode” if applicable .

If you recently installed a new 4L60E transmission in your vehicle, it is important to complete the shift relearn procedure. This process helps restore factory defaults and ensures that all of the electronic components are working correctly. The shift relearn procedure only takes about 15 minutes and can be completed with basic tools and an OBD-II scanner.

Once complete, you will have restored your vehicle’s performance and dependability.

How to Reset the Transmission Control Module in a Chevy (Location and Steps)

How Do You Reset the Transmission Control Module on a 4L60E?

In order to reset the transmission control module on a 4L60e, you need to first disconnect the battery and then remove the TCM from its mounting location. Once it has been removed, you’ll need to locate and remove any screws or fasteners that are holding it in place. Next, open up the TCM cover and gently clean out any debris or dirt that may have accumulated inside.

Reattach all of the components before reinstalling the unit back into its original position; make sure all connections are properly secured. Finally, reconnect your battery and start your engine to complete the reset process.

How Do I Reset My Chevy Silverado Transmission?

To reset the transmission in your Chevy Silverado, you will need to put the vehicle into neutral and turn off the engine. Then, press and hold down the brake pedal for a few seconds before turning on the ignition again. Once this is done, shift gears to park or reverse (depending on what gear you were originally in), wait 10-15 seconds, then move back into drive.

Finally, give it some gas to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Following these steps should successfully reset your Chevy Silverado’s transmission!

How Long Does It Take for a Transmission to Relearn?

The amount of time it takes for a transmission to relearn will depend on the particular make and model of your vehicle as well as the type of transmission in question. Generally, however, you can expect a relearn process to take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour or more. Additionally, some vehicles may require multiple relearns over several days or weeks depending on the issue being addressed.

It is important to note that during this period your car should be driven normally and not overload either with stop-and-go driving or long highway trips.

How Do You Reset the Transmission Control Module?

Resetting the transmission control module (TCM) is an important step in maintaining your vehicle’s transmission. It can help correct shifting issues and improve fuel economy. To reset the TCM, you’ll need to disconnect the negative battery cable for at least 15 minutes and then reconnect it again.

This will cause a power flush of the system and clear all stored data from the TCM’s memory. Once this process is complete, make sure to update any software or firmware that may be available for your vehicle’s particular make and model before attempting to drive it again.

4L60E Transmission Shift Relearn Procedure

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Gm Transmission Relearn Procedure

The GM transmission relearn procedure is an important step in the process of servicing or replacing a vehicle’s automatic transmission. This procedure involves resetting the computer that controls the shifting of gears, so that it can recalibrate its shift points to account for any changes made during maintenance or rebuilds. The relearn should be performed after any major repairs are done on the transmission and typically requires special diagnostic tools and knowledge of how to use them correctly.

How to Reset Transmission Adaptive Pressure

Resetting the transmission adaptive pressure can be done in a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to locate your car’s diagnostic connector and then use an OBD-II scanner to read the codes stored in its memory. Once you’ve obtained the codes, you’ll need to reset them by either disconnecting the battery for at least 15 minutes or using a scan tool that allows for individual code resets.

After this is completed, it should take about 10-20 minutes of driving before your transmission adapts and begins functioning normally again.

What Does Resetting Transmission Control Module Do

Resetting a transmission control module (TCM) involves reprogramming the TCM with new calibration data to ensure the transmission is operating correctly. This process can help restore any lost power and performance caused by faulty programming or inaccurate settings, as well as improve shift quality and address issues such as downshifting delay, harsh shifting, slipping gears, incorrect gear selection, and poor fuel economy. Resetting the TCM can also reset electronic trouble codes that have been stored in memory due to an issue or malfunction of some kind.


In conclusion, the 4L60E transmission shift relearn procedure is an important and necessary step for ensuring that your vehicle runs at its best. It may take a bit of time and effort to complete this process correctly, but it will be well worth it in the end when you can enjoy smooth shifts and reliable performance from your car. With the help of this post and some patience, you’ll be able to get your 4L60E transmission up and running like new again in no time!


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