Atf Dw1 Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF DW1 is a type of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) designed for use in Honda and Acura vehicles. It is formulated with advanced base oils and proprietary additives to provide superior performance in modern automatic transmissions. This ATF is also compatible with other manufacturer’s transmissions as long as they require a Dexron/Mercon or equivalent fluid.

ATF DW-1 helps protect against wear, reduce oil breakdown, improve shifting quality, and extend the life of your transmission by providing better lubrication than conventional fluids. It can be used on both manual and automatic transmissions since it has friction modifiers that help minimize clutch chatter in manual applications. Using the proper ATF will ensure optimal performance from your vehicle’s transmission system over its lifetime.

ATF DW1 is a great choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid. It offers superior lubrication, increased performance and improved durability compared to standard ATFs, making it ideal for high-performance cars or trucks with heavy loads. Whether you’re an enthusiast who needs a reliable transmission fluid that can stand up to heat and wear over time, or just want some extra protection against breakdowns, ATF DW1 is definitely worth considering.

Honda ATF DW-1 vs. AFT-Z1 Automatic Transmission Fluid Info

Is Honda Atf Dw-1 Synthetic?

Yes, Honda ATF DW-1 is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is formulated from premium base oils and advanced additives to provide superior protection against wear, corrosion, foaming and deposit formation. This fluid also helps prevent leaks and improve shift quality for smoother operation of the vehicle’s transmission system.

DW-1 provides improved cold flow properties compared to conventional ATFs which ensures easier shifting in colder climates as well as increased fuel economy potential due to reduced friction losses. Honda recommends using this fluid in all transmissions requiring it such as Acura/Honda 4 speed automatic transmission models with torque converter clutch (TCC).

Is Honda Atf Dw1 Same As Atf-Z1?

No, Honda ATF DW1 and Honda ATF Z1 are two different types of automatic transmission fluids. The difference between them is that DW1 is designed for Honda vehicles with an Aisin Warner transmission, while Z1 is designed for Honda vehicles with a Hondamatic transmission. Both fluids meet the same performance requirements, but they contain different additives that are specially formulated according to the needs of each type of transmission.

As such, it’s important not to mix these two types of fluid when changing your car’s automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

What Kind of Atf Does Honda Use?

Honda generally uses ATF-Z1 Automatic Transmission Fluid in their vehicles. This type of fluid is specifically designed for Honda automatic transmissions, and helps to keep the transmission running smoothly over time. It provides excellent anti-wear protection, a smooth shift feel, and good thermal stability.

Additionally, it can also help protect against rust and corrosion inside the transmission system. For best results, Honda recommends that you use only genuine Honda ATF-Z1 when servicing your vehicle’s automated transmission system.

Do Hondas Need Special Transmission Fluid?

Yes, Hondas do need special transmission fluid. Honda recommends using its own proprietary ATF-Z1 Automatic Transmission Fluid in their transmissions; other fluids may not provide the same level of protection or performance. It’s important to check your owner’s manual for specifics on which type of fluid is compatible with your specific model and year.

Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to use only new, clean fluid that has been approved by Honda when topping off or replacing any transmission fluid. Doing so will help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Atf Dw1 Automatic Transmission Fluid


Honda Atf Dw-1 Equivalent

Honda ATF DW-1 is a special type of transmission fluid designed and approved by Honda specifically for their vehicles. It is equivalent to many other types of automotive transmission fluids, such as Dexron III/Mercon, Mercon V and CVT Fluid NS-2. However, it has been found to offer superior lubrication protection for Honda transmissions compared with any other type of fluid.

The use of non-Honda fluids in Honda transmissions could result in potential damage due to incompatibility issues so it’s important that you always use the right fluid when performing maintenance on your vehicle.

Honda Atf Dw-1 Autozone

Honda ATF DW-1 from Autozone is a superior quality, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed specifically for Honda and Acura vehicles. It offers outstanding performance in extreme temperatures and has exceptional oxidation stability to prevent sludge buildup. With its anti-wear properties, this fluid helps protect the internal parts of your vehicle’s transmission for longer life.

Honda ATF DW-1 is also compatible with all other Honda/Acura factory fluids, making it an ideal choice for any maintenance or repair job on these cars.

Honda Atf Dw-1 Dealer Price

Honda Atf DW-1 is a high quality transmission fluid designed specifically for Honda vehicles. It is recommended by Honda for all transmissions, including automatic and manual transmissions. The dealer price of this product varies depending on the market, but typically it falls into the range of $8-$10 per quart bottle or about $30 to $40 for a gallon jug.


Overall, ATF DW1 automatic transmission fluid is a great choice for many vehicles. It provides superior wear protection, improved fuel economy and smooth shifting performance in most transmissions. Plus, it meets the specifications of major automakers so you know that your vehicle will be running well and lasting longer with this product.

While there may be other options available on the market, ATF DW1 stands out as one of the best choices to ensure lasting performance from your car or truck’s transmission system.


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