Does Honda Accord Have Cvt Transmission: A Comprehensive Guides

Yes, the Honda Accord has a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) option available. The CVT is designed to keep the engine running at its most efficient speed and provide smooth and consistent acceleration. It also provides better fuel economy than an automatic transmission.

Unlike regular transmissions, it does not have any fixed gear ratios so it can continuously adjust the ratio between the engine and wheels for more efficient driving performance. Additionally, because there are no gears shifting, you get a smoother ride with less noise compared to traditional automatic transmissions.

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans on the market and many people often wonder if it has a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The answer is yes, the Honda Accord does have a CVT option. This type of transmission offers better fuel economy than traditional automatic transmissions.

It also provides smoother acceleration and more efficient power delivery while shifting between gears. If you’re looking for an economical yet reliable sedan, then the Honda Accord with its CVT could be just what you need.

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Which Honda Accord Has Cvt Transmission

The Honda Accord with CVT transmission was first offered in the sixth-generation model (2003 to 2007). All trims of this generation, including LX, EX, and Hybrid were available with a Continuously Variable Transmission. The seventh generation of the Accord (2008 to 2012) also has two trims that offer a CVT; these are the EX-L and the Hybrid.

Since 2013, all trim levels of Honda Accords come standard with a CVT transmission.

Honda Accord Without Cvt Transmission

The Honda Accord is a popular family sedan that has been around for decades. While the latest model of the Honda Accord offers an optional Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), there are still plenty of older models available with good, reliable manual or automatic transmissions that don’t require CVT technology. If you’re looking for an affordable and dependable car without having to use a CVT transmission, then the Honda Accord is definitely worth considering.

Honda CVT Transmission Recall

In 2020, Honda announced a recall of 1.6 million vehicles due to issues with their continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). The issue was caused by the transmission’s control unit software, which could cause overheating and result in increased fuel consumption or even vehicle stalling. Affected models include the Civic, CR-V, Fit, and Pilot from model years 2012–2015.

Honda is providing free repairs for these vehicles at authorized dealerships across the country.

Does Honda Accord Have Cvt Transmission



What Year Honda Accords Have Cvt Transmissions?

The Honda Accord has been available with a continuously variable transmission, or CVT, since the 2008 model year. This advanced transmission technology provides smooth and seamless gear shifting for improved fuel economy compared to traditional automatic transmissions. In recent years, Honda has also made their CVT more robust to increase its longevity and reliability.

The 8th generation of the Accord (2015-2017) is equipped with the most reliable version of this CVT system yet. With this upgrade, drivers can enjoy a smoother ride while achieving peak performance from their Accord throughout their lifetime.

How Do I Know If My Honda Accord Has a Cvt Transmission?

If you want to be sure if your Honda Accord has a CVT transmission, the best thing to do is to consult your owner’s manual. You can find detailed information about the car and its components there.

Alternatively, you could also look at the vehicle identification number (VIN) which should contain info about the engine type as well as other specific details of your car.

If it states that it is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), then you have confirmation that this is indeed what powers your Honda Accord.

Do All New Hondas Have Cvt Transmissions?

No, not all new Hondas have CVT transmissions. Honda has a wide variety of cars and SUVs that offer different transmission options depending on the model and year. Some models may come with a traditional automatic or manual transmission while others may be equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

The CVT is becoming increasingly popular due to its fuel efficiency benefits and smooth driving experience, so it is featured in many newer Honda models. However, not all vehicles will necessarily include this technology as an option. It’s best to check the specs for each individual vehicle before making your purchase decision.

What Honda Cars Have a CVT Transmission?

Honda has been offering CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology in its vehicles since 2002. Honda’s first car with a CVT transmission was the Honda Fit, which debuted in Japan that year and eventually made its way to North America in 2006. Since then, all generations of the Fit have offered a CVT as an available transmission option.

Other models from Honda that feature CVTs include the Civic, Accord, Insight, CR-V, HR-V, and Odyssey minivan. The majority of recent model years for these cars offer their respective base engines with either an automatic or manual transmission; however, some higher trim levels may only be available with a CVT option.

Additionally, some hybrid versions of certain models such as the Accord Hybrid are exclusively offered with a continuously variable transmission for optimal fuel economy ratings.


In conclusion, the Honda Accord does indeed have a CVT transmission option. This is an excellent choice for drivers who need to save money on fuel while still enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride. The CVT transmission also offers great reliability and minimal maintenance costs, making it an attractive choice for many drivers.

With its impressive features and competitive pricing, the Honda Accord’s CVT transmission is definitely worth considering when shopping around for your next car.

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