Ls1 Crate Engine And Transmission Package

A LS1 crate engine and transmission package is a set of components that includes an engine, transmission, wiring harness, ECU (Engine Control Unit), and other related parts. The LS1 is a 5.7 liter V8 engine produced by General Motors for use in its range of vehicles from 1997 to 2004. It was the first generation of GM’s “LS” series engines, which are renowned for their performance capabilities and durability.

The LS1 crate engine packages typically include the entire drivetrain; meaning it comes with both the motor and transmission as one complete unit ready to be installed into your vehicle. This makes installation much easier as you do not have to source each individual component separately or fabricate any custom mounting brackets or adapters to fit them together properly. Installation time can often be cut down significantly when using these packages since everything will already match up perfectly together without any extra work required on your part.

The LS1 crate engine and transmission package offers a great way to upgrade your vehicle with the power of an LS1 V8 engine. This package comes complete with a 6-speed manual transmission, making it easy to get up and running quickly. It’s also fully customizable so you can choose from different components like intake manifolds, heads, camshafts, fuel systems and more.

With this setup, you’ll have plenty of torque for spirited driving while still enjoying the convenience and reliability of modern engineering.

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Turn-Key Ls Engine And Transmission Packages

Turn-Key LS engine and transmission packages are a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s performance without the hassle of finding compatible components. These packages come complete with an LS engine, transmission, wiring harness, ECU, exhaust system, and other essential components. This makes swapping out your old powertrain for a powerful new one much easier than it would be if you were trying to piece together all of these parts separately.

With turn-key LS packages available from trusted brands like GM Performance Parts and Chevrolet Performance Parts, you can rest assured that you’re getting reliable quality parts at competitive prices.

Ls1 Engine And Transmission for Sale

If you are looking for an LS1 engine and transmission for sale, then you’re in luck! There are a variety of reliable sources that offer these engines and transmissions at competitive prices. Whether you need the whole package or just individual components such as an intake manifold or fuel injectors, there is something to fit your needs.

Many of these sources also provide installation services so that your swap can be done quickly and efficiently. With the right parts and services available, purchasing an LS1 engine and transmission has never been easier!

Ls Engine And Transmission Packages Used

LS engine and transmission packages are becoming increasingly popular for use in custom builds and race cars. These packages offer a variety of benefits, including improved performance, reduced weight, and greater efficiency. They also provide more power output than their predecessors due to the higher compression ratios achievable with LS engines.

Additionally, these packages often include an upgraded transmission that can better handle increased torque loads from the engine. With so many advantages available from LS engine and transmission packages, it’s no wonder they’re gaining popularity among both professional racers and DIY builders alike!

Ls3 Crate Engine And Transmission Package

The LS3 crate engine and transmission package is a great option for those looking to upgrade their car or truck’s powertrain. This package includes an LS3 6.2L V8 engine, 4L70-E four speed automatic transmission, aluminum flywheel, oil pan kit, fuel pump assembly, and ECU with preloaded calibration. The combination of the powerful engine and reliable transmission make this package a great choice for anyone wanting to increase performance while still retaining street manners.

With its high torque output and easy installation process, it’s no wonder why this package has become so popular among automotive enthusiasts!

Ls1 Crate Engine And Transmission Package


How Much Does an Ls Motor And Transmission Swap Cost?

An LS motor and transmission swap can be a great way to increase the performance of your vehicle, but it’s not cheap. The exact cost of an LS motor and transmission swap depends on several factors, such as what type of engine you choose, whether you buy new or used parts, and the complexity of the installation. Generally speaking, however, expect to pay anywhere from $3-4K for a basic setup with all new parts (including headers and exhaust) up to $10-15K for a more complex setup that includes upgraded components.

If you’re looking for even more power out of your swapped LS motor and transmission combination then you may need additional components like turbochargers or nitrous kits which could easily add another couple thousand dollars onto the total cost. All in all though if done right an LS swap can give your car incredible performance gains at an affordable price point when compared to other options on the market today.

What Transmissions are Best for Ls1?

When it comes to transmissions for LS1 engines, the choice can be somewhat daunting. Generally speaking, a 4L60E or 4L65E is the most popular and reliable choice for an LS1 engine. These are four-speed automatic overdrive transmissions that offer better fuel economy than a manual transmission while still giving you plenty of power when needed.

They also allow you to shift gears without having to let off the gas, which gives them an edge in performance applications. However, if you’re looking for something more powerful with increased control over your shifts then a T56 six-speed manual transmission might be a better fit for your LS1 engine. This transmission has been used in many high performance vehicles due its ability to handle up to 550 horsepower reliably and provide smooth shifting capabilities through all six gears.

But whichever type of transmission you choose, make sure that it is matched properly with other components like torque converters so that they work together effectively and efficiently.

How Much is a New Ls1 Engine?

The LS1 engine is one of the most popular engines used in today’s vehicles. It is a powerful and reliable engine, but it can also be quite expensive. The cost of a new LS1 engine varies depending on the model, make and year of your vehicle, as well as any additional parts or labor that might be required for installation.

Generally speaking, a brand-new LS1 engine will typically range from around $2,500 to upwards of $6,000 or more. That being said, there are some great deals out there if you shop around carefully – so don’t let the sticker price scare you away! Additionally, many auto stores offer remanufactured engines which may cost significantly less than buying a new one directly off the shelf.

What Transmission Comes With Ls1?

The LS1 engine is a powerful and reliable powerplant that was introduced in 1997 by General Motors. This engine featured an aluminum block, a cast-iron heads, and the latest technology to provide improved performance and fuel economy. The LS1 also had the option of either manual or automatic transmission depending on the vehicle it was installed in.

Manual transmissions were available with five-speed T5s from Borg Warner or Tremec T56 six speeds for higher performance applications. For those who preferred an automatic there were 4L60E four speed variants which provided smooth shifting and good response times when combined with the torque converter of choice. Ultimately, both types could offer owners of LS1 engines great power delivery options while providing durability over extended use conditions.


In conclusion, the LS1 crate engine and transmission package is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their current vehicle with a reliable and powerful setup. The combination of compatibility, power output, and affordability make this package an ideal choice for most automotive enthusiasts. With its long-term reliability and performance potential, it can be confidently said that the LS1 crate engine and transmission package is one of the best available options on the market today.


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