Lucas Transmission Fix Torque Converter Shudder

Lucas Transmission Fix Torque Converter Shudder is a product designed to reduce torque converter shudder and improve transmission operation. It works by cleaning and lubricating the transmission while also improving shifting performance. The Lucas Transmission Fix contains friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, detergents and dispersants that restore the proper balance between components in the torque converter clutch system.

When applied correctly, it can help eliminate slipping or vibration in automatic transmissions caused by worn or damaged clutches or other parts of the drivetrain. Additionally, it helps keep gears from overheating and reduces wear on internal components for longer service life.

If you’re experiencing a torque converter shudder in your car, Lucas Transmission Fix can help. This product is designed to reduce transmission slipping and harsh shifting while giving smoother shifts and improved performance. It also helps to reduce or eliminate the torque converter shudder, making it an ideal solution for those looking to restore their vehicle’s transmission health.

With its easy-to-use formula and proven track record of success, Lucas Transmission Fix is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable fix that won’t break the bank.


Will Lucas Fix Torque Converter Shudder?

Lucas Oil has a product specifically designed to help reduce or completely eliminate torque converter shudder. Lucas Torque Converter Shudder Fix is formulated using special, long-chain polymers that are blended with an anti-shudder additive and friction modifier. With the addition of these ingredients, it helps to form a protective coating on the surfaces inside and outside of your torque converter which reduces slippage in between them.

This reduces engine power loss from heat build up or low grade fuel quality issues, as well as reducing transmission noise and vibration due to decreased component wear. However, this product cannot fix all types of torque converter shudder problems so if you are experiencing symptoms like jerking while shifting gears or vibrations at certain speeds then it’s best to take your vehicle into a mechanic for further diagnosis.

Does Lucas Transmission Fix Shudder?

Yes, Lucas Transmission Fix is designed to address the problem of transmission shudder. This product contains special friction modifiers that reduce heat and wear on metal parts, which helps prevent transmission shudders from occurring in your vehicle. It also prevents slipping, sticking and rough shifting for smoother gear changes.

Additionally, it comes with an anti-foaming agent that eliminates air pockets in the fluid to help keep all components properly lubricated and functioning correctly.

How Do You Fix a Shudder Torque Converter?

To fix a shudder torque converter, the first step is to check the fluid level and make sure it’s at the correct mark. If it is low, then topping off with fresh fluid will help resolve any issues. You may also need to replace the filter in order to get rid of any debris that could be causing an issue.

Next, you should inspect all other components related to the transmission including hoses, clamps and seals for signs of wear or damage. Finally if all else fails you can have your torque converter rebuilt by a qualified mechanic which usually involves replacing worn out parts like bearings or seals and recalibrating clutches within it so that they work correctly again.

What Additive Helps Transmission Shudder?

The best additive to help with transmission shudder is a high-quality friction modifier. Friction modifiers are specially formulated lubricants that reduce metal-to-metal contact in the transmission, reducing wear and improving shifting performance. These additives work by decreasing the friction between moving parts, allowing them to move more smoothly and reducing vibration or shuddering.

Friction modifiers also improve fuel economy, as less energy is required for gears to shift when there is reduced resistance between them. When choosing an appropriate friction modifier for your vehicle’s transmission, make sure it meets manufacturer specifications and always follow the instructions on the packaging before use.

Lucas Transmission Fix Torque Converter Shudder


Lucas Transmission Fix Made It Worse

After having a Lucas Transmission Fix done to their vehicle, many customers have reported that the problem actually got worse instead of better. This has caused some customers to be out of pocket for expensive repairs as well as feeling frustrated and disappointed with the product’s performance. If you are considering using this product, it is important to do your research beforehand so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it will work for you.

Ford Transmission Shudder Fix

If your Ford vehicle is experiencing transmission shudder, you can have it fixed by having the torque converter replaced. This will fix the problem and restore normal operation of your car’s transmission system. Additionally, replacing the transmission fluid can help to reduce shuddering as well.

If these solutions fail to solve the issue, then further diagnostics may be necessary in order to pinpoint an exact cause for the shuddering and select a more specific repair solution.

Torque Converter Shudder Additive

Adding a torque converter shudder additive to your vehicle’s transmission fluid is a great way to reduce the shuddering and vibrations that can sometimes occur when you shift gears. This specially formulated product helps lubricate the metal parts of your torque converter, allowing them to move more smoothly and reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). It also promotes smoother operation at high speeds, which can help improve performance and fuel economy.


In conclusion, Lucas Transmission Fix Torque Converter Shudder is a great option for those looking to solve their transmission issues. It can provide long-term protection against torque converter shudder and other transmission problems, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come. With its easy-to-use formula, Lucas Transmission Fix Torque Converter Shudder makes solving these types of problems simple and cost effective.


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