Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid

Nissan Matic S is a type of automatic transmission fluid designed for use in certain Nissan vehicles. It is formulated to provide superior performance and protection in older model transmissions. This fluid is made up of high-quality base oil and additives that help reduce friction, wear, and oxidation while also providing excellent thermal stability.

The viscosity grade of this fluid conforms to the requirements of many Nissan models as well as other Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Subaru and Mazda. In addition to its anti-wear properties it also helps improve shifting performance by reducing shift shock due to its improved lubrication ability over conventional ATFs (automatic transmission fluids).

Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid is a reliable, long-lasting transmission fluid designed for use in Nissan vehicles. It provides superior protection to transmissions from wear and tear and helps maintain smooth shifting performance over time. The formula is specifically engineered to reduce heat build up, protect against corrosion and improve the overall efficiency of your transmission system.

As an added bonus, it’s also designed to be compatible with all other major brands of automatic transmission fluids so you can rest assured that your vehicle will perform at its best no matter what type of fluid you choose.

Nissan Almera Auto Gear Oil ATF Matic S Transmission Fluids

What Transmission Fluid is Compatible With Nissan Matic S?

Nissan Matic S transmission fluid is a synthetic, automatic transmission fluid specifically designed to provide superior performance and protection for Nissan vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. Compatible fluids include Castrol Transmax Multi Vehicle ATF and Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF. Both of these fluids meet or exceed the specifications required by most Nissan vehicles, including those equipped with the Matic S transmission system.

Additionally, both are formulated using advanced base oils that help protect against wear and tear on internal components as well as reduce frictional losses for improved fuel economy.

What Transmission Fluid Does Nissan Recommend?

Nissan recommends that all vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission use Nissan Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). This fluid is designed to provide optimal performance, protection, and lubrication for your vehicle’s automatic transmission. It has a special formula that helps reduce wear on the internal components of the transmission and helps maintain peak efficiency.

Additionally, it provides excellent corrosion protection and maintains proper viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. The recommended fluid change interval for most Nissan models is every 30,000 miles or 24 months; however this may vary depending on driving conditions and climate.

Do I Have to Use Genuine Nissan Transmission Fluid?

Yes, it is always recommended to use genuine Nissan transmission fluid when servicing or replacing the transmission in any Nissan vehicle. The manufacturer specifically designs their fluids to meet the exact requirements of each individual model, ensuring peak performance and longer-lasting reliability. Additionally, using a synthetic blend from another brand may cause incompatibility issues with certain components of your car’s drivetrain, leading to costly repairs down the line.

For these reasons, it is best practice to stick with genuine Nissan products whenever possible for optimal results.

What Color is Nissan Matic D Transmission Fluid?

Nissan Matic D transmission fluid is a reddish-brown color. This specific type of automatic transmission fluid is designed to be compatible with Nissan vehicles, and offers superior lubrication, cooling and cleaning abilities compared to conventional ATFs. The color helps indicate that the fluid has not been contaminated or degraded due to age or use.

It’s important to check your Nissan Matic D transmission fluid regularly in order to maintain peak performance and ensure a long life for your car’s transmission system.

Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid


Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Nissan Matic S transmission fluid is the factory-fill for most Nissan vehicles and is designed specifically to provide maximum protection for your vehicle’s transmission. It can also be used as an equivalent in other makes and models of transmissions that require a DEXRON III/MERCON ATF. However, it’s important to consult with your owner’s manual or a certified mechanic before switching to any alternative fluid.

Nissan Matic S Cross Reference

The Nissan Matic S is a type of automatic transmission fluid that has been specifically formulated for use in new and older Nissan vehicles. It offers superior performance, excellent protection against wear and corrosion, and improved fuel economy compared to traditional automatic transmission fluids. The Matic S also provides outstanding cold-temperature properties for smoother shifts during start-up.

As an added bonus, the cross reference chart allows you to easily identify which type of oil your vehicle requires based on its make and model.

Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid Color

Nissan Matic S transmission fluid is a bright red in color, and has an identifiable smell. It should be checked regularly to ensure it’s at the correct level, as low levels can cause damage to the transmission. For optimal performance, Nissan recommends changing this fluid every 30,000 miles or 24 months (whichever comes first).


In conclusion, the Nissan Matic S Transmission Fluid is a great choice when looking for transmission fluid that provides excellent lubrication as well as protection against wear and tear. It helps keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently, while also providing long-term reliability. With its superior performance characteristics, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this product to keep their cars running in top condition.


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