Transmission Cooler With Fan And Thermostat

A transmission cooler with fan and thermostat is an automotive cooling system designed to keep the transmission fluid in a vehicle at its optimal temperature. The system consists of a radiator-like heat exchanger, usually mounted between the engine and the transmission, which uses either air or liquid coolant to transfer heat away from the transmission. A fan then blows air over this cooled surface to further reduce temperatures while a thermostat monitors temperatures and activates when needed.

This reduces wear on components within the transmission as well as improving gear shift performance by preventing excessive shifting due to overheating. Additionally, it can also improve fuel economy by reducing drag caused by excess hot fluid being forced through gears during operation.

Transmission coolers are an essential part of any car or truck’s cooling system. When paired with a fan and thermostat, they can help to keep your vehicle running smoothly by preventing transmission fluid from overheating. The cooler acts like a mini radiator, transferring the heat away from the transmission and into the air via the fan.

This helps to keep temperatures within optimal levels while driving, ensuring that your vehicle is more efficient and safe on the road.

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Can You Put a Fan on a Transmission Cooler?

Yes, you can put a fan on a transmission cooler. Fans help to create an additional cooling effect and increase the efficiency of the system. The fan should be placed in such a way that it is not obstructed by other components or parts of the vehicle, and that it has enough airflow to circulate around the cooler.

Additionally, make sure that any wiring connected to the fan is properly insulated so as to avoid potential damage from heat or moisture. Furthermore, if your transmission cooler does not already have one built-in, you can attach an external electric cooling fan using mounting brackets and screws to ensure proper air circulation for optimal performance.

Which Type of Transmission Cooler is Best?

When deciding on which type of transmission cooler is best for your vehicle, it really depends on the specific needs and requirements for your automobile. The two main types of transmission coolers are air-cooled and fluid-cooled. An air-cooled cooler uses a fan to draw in outside air over the fins around its core to help dissipate heat from the fluid that passes through it while a fluid cooled unit utilizes engine coolant or oil to reduce temperatures.

Fluid cooled units tend to be more efficient since they can better handle higher levels of heat than an air-cooled unit, but they also require additional maintenance due to their complexity. Ultimately, you have to weigh out what works best for you and your vehicle’s needs.

Is a Transmission Cooler a Good Idea?

A transmission cooler is a great idea if your vehicle is often exposed to extreme temperatures, heavy loads, or frequent towing. The heat generated by the transmission during these activities can cause premature failure of vital components and reduce its life expectancy. A transmission cooler helps keep the fluid within optimal temperature range and extend the life of the system.

It also provides extra cooling capacity, which can help improve performance in certain conditions such as off-roading or racing.

How Much Does a Transmission Cooler Lower the Temperature?

A transmission cooler can lower the temperature of your transmission fluid significantly. Depending on the size, type and placement of the cooler, it can reduce temperatures anywhere from 20-50°F. A larger cooler will be more effective at reducing temperatures, as it will have a greater surface area to dissipate heat away from the vehicle’s transmission.

Placing an external oil-to-air or air-to-air intercooler in front of your radiator and engine fan will also help draw additional heat out of your transmission fluid. As long as you are using proper cooling techniques with a good quality coolant, you should expect to see significant decreases in temperature when utilizing a transmission cooler.

Transmission Cooler With Fan And Thermostat


Heavy-Duty Transmission Cooler With Fan

A heavy-duty transmission cooler with fan is an essential component for any vehicle that puts additional strain on its transmission system. This type of cooler works by transferring heat away from the transmission, preventing it from overheating and breaking down. The addition of a fan helps to increase air flow over the fins of the cooler, improving cooling performance and extending the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission system.

Best Transmission Cooler With Fan

When it comes to keeping your vehicle’s transmission cool, an aftermarket transmission cooler with fan is the best way to go. It helps reduce heat build-up in the transmission by transferring heat away from it and into the outside air, while also providing increased cooling capacity compared to a standard radiator style cooler. Additionally, these coolers are designed for easy installation and will help prolong your vehicle’s life.

Trans Cooler With Fan 6An

The Trans Cooler With Fan 6An is an innovative product that can help to keep your car’s engine running cooler. This fan-cooled device attaches to your vehicle’s radiator and reduces temperatures by up to 30 degrees Celsius while helping reduce fuel consumption. The unit features a six-pole, high speed motor with adjustable fan speed settings so you can find the right setting for your car.

This simple yet effective cooling system is ideal for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance as well as its overall lifespan.


This blog post provided a great overview of the benefits and features of transmission coolers with fans and thermostats. Installing one can help to maintain correct transmission temperatures, protect your vehicle’s engine from overheating, and ultimately prolong the life of your vehicle. This is an important purchase for those who often tow heavy loads or travel in hot climates, as it will keep their transmission running smoothly.

With all these advantages in mind, installing a transmission cooler with fan and thermostat is definitely worth considering for any driver who wants to ensure their car runs smoothly for many years to come.


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