Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler

Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler is a lightweight and cost-effective transmission cooler from Derale Performance. It helps to keep the temperature of your vehicle’s automatic transmission at optimal levels, preventing overheating and potential damage. It features an all-aluminum construction with internal turbulators that provide maximum heat transfer efficiency, while its patented bypass valve maintains cooler temperatures even during prolonged periods of low speed or idle operation.

Additionally, it comes with mounting brackets for easy installation on most vehicles, making it ideal for both street and offroad use.

The Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler is the perfect solution for those looking to increase the life of their vehicle’s transmission. It helps keep your transmission from overheating and prolongs its lifespan by providing extra cooling power during heavy traffic or load conditions. This cooler features an aluminum construction which is lightweight yet durable, making it perfect for any application.

In addition, this product can be easily installed with minimal effort and provides an excellent barrier against heat transfer from the engine to the transmission. With these great features in mind, you can trust that the Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler will provide long lasting protection for your vehicle’s drivetrain system.

Best Transmission Cooler I Have Used True-Cool 40k

What is the Best Transmission Cooler?

The best transmission cooler on the market today is the Derale 13502 Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler. This cooler features an efficient stacked-plate construction that increases cooling power and a special turbulator design for maximum heat transfer. It also includes a built-in fan to ensure consistent cooling, even in extreme conditions.

Additionally, this product comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and multiple sizes available to fit any vehicle make or model. With its superior quality and performance capabilities, the Derale 13502 Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler is your best bet for keeping your transmission at optimal temperatures for improved reliability and performance.

Are Transmission Coolers Worth It?

Transmission coolers are absolutely worth it if you plan on towing or doing any kind of heavy-duty hauling. They help reduce the amount of heat built up in your vehicle’s transmission during these activities, which can lead to premature wear and tear. Transmission coolers also help improve fuel economy by keeping the transmission at a cooler temperature, resulting in less strain on the engine and better overall performance.

Additionally, they can extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission by reducing fluid breakdown due to excessive heat build-up. All in all, installing a transmission cooler is an investment that will pay off for years down the road!

How Do I Know If My Transmission Cooler is Working?

To determine if your transmission cooler is working properly, you should check it periodically. You can do this visually by checking the condition of the hoses and looking for any leaks or signs of corrosion on the fittings. Additionally, you can use a thermometer to measure the temperature at each end of the cooler – both before and after fluid passes through it – which will help to identify whether heat is being successfully dissipated from within your transmission’s system.

If there are discrepancies in these readings, then it may be an indication that your transmission’s cooling system needs some attention.

Do External Transmission Coolers Work?

Yes, external transmission coolers do work. They are designed to be installed in the vehicle’s cooling system and act as an additional heat exchanger for the transmission fluid. The cooler helps to reduce the temperature of the fluid, which can extend its life by preventing it from overheating and breaking down prematurely.

Additionally, a cooler allows you to run your vehicle at higher temperatures without fear of damage to the transmission components. In general, they are considered essential upgrades for vehicles that tow or haul heavy loads or are driven in extreme conditions such as off-roading or racing applications.

Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler


Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler 40K

The Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler 40K is designed to help prolong the life of your vehicle’s transmission by providing consistent cooling. This cooler features a rugged construction and is capable of handling up to 40,000 BTU/hr., making it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles that tend to generate higher levels of heat during operation.

Furthermore, its universal mounting design makes installation quick and easy on most vehicles, while its light weight and compact size make it highly portable. Overall, the Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler 40K offers an effective solution for keeping your transmission cool in tough conditions.

Tru-Cool 40K

The Tru-Cool 40K is an efficient and effective transmission oil cooler designed for heavy duty applications. It features a large capacity, low-pressure drop tube and fin design to help prevent fluid break down due to high temperatures. Its multi-pass technology ensures maximum cooling efficiency while the integral mounting bracket allows for easy installation in tight spaces.

The Tru-Cool 40K provides superior engine protection by helping maintain optimal operating temperature during heavy loads or extended idling periods, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable performance on the road or at work.

Long Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler

The Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler is a heavy duty transmission cooler that helps to reduce heat and extend the life of your transmission. It uses a stacked plate design with turbulators that are designed to increase fluid turbulence, allowing for maximum cooling efficiency. Its unique construction also reduces pressure drop while helping to prevent debris from clogging up lines.

The Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler is an excellent choice for those looking for reliable and efficient performance in their transmissions.


In conclusion, the Tru-Cool transmission cooler is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle’s cooling system. Its heavy duty construction ensures reliability and durability, while its easy installation makes it a great option for even novice mechanics. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment will last through any bumps in the road ahead.

With all these benefits in mind, there’s no reason not to consider upgrading with this top of the line cooler from Tru-Cool!


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