Best Transmission Cooler for 4L60E

The Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler is the best transmission cooler for a 4L60E. It features an aluminum construction and a heavy-duty, efficient turbulator tube design, which helps to quickly dissipate heat in the most extreme conditions. Its solid plate construction provides superior durability and performance compared to other types of coolers.

The kit also includes mounting brackets and hardware, as well as -6 AN fittings and hose ends for easy connection to your existing lines. Additionally, it contains a bypass valve that allows you to maintain consistent temperatures regardless of engine load or driving conditions. With its advanced cooling technology, this transmission cooler offers optimal protection for any 4L60E vehicle!

If you’re looking for the best transmission cooler to protect your 4L60E, then look no further than the Derale 13504 Hyper-Cool Remote Transmission Cooler. This top-rated cooler is designed with a large 19 row external finned aluminum tube and fin assembly that ensures maximum heat dissipation. It also has an integrated thermostat that helps regulate coolant temperatures, so you can rest assured knowing your 4L60E will remain safe from damage caused by excessive heat.

Plus, it’s easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware needed for installation. With its high quality components and reliable performance, the Derale 13504 Hyper-Cool Remote Transmission Cooler is sure to keep your 4L60E running smoothly and reliably for years to come.

6 Best Transmission Coolers 2020

Is a Bigger Transmission Cooler Better?

A bigger transmission cooler is generally better for your vehicle’s transmission. A larger size allows the fluid to stay cooler by providing greater surface area and volume, which increases the amount of cooling power available. This can help prevent heat-related damage to the transmission system and improve overall performance.

Additionally, a larger transmission cooler will also reduce strain on other components in the engine that are affected by heat generated from the transmission when it’s working hard. All in all, having a bigger transmission cooler is often beneficial for most vehicles as it helps keep temperatures under control while improving efficiency and reliability.

What is the Most Efficient Transmission Cooler?

When it comes to choosing the most efficient transmission cooler, many factors come into play. As a rule, an air-to-oil cooler is considered more efficient than an all-metal cooler since it utilizes ambient air to cool the fluid. Additionally, look for a larger radiator surface area for added cooling power.

A good transmission cooler should also be able to withstand high pressure and temperatures as well as have effective fins that promote better heat dissipation. If you need maximum efficiency then consider adding a fan or two with your transmission cooler setup in order to provide some additional airflow over the radiator surfaces. Lastly, make sure your transmission line hoses are properly routed away from any engine heat sources like exhaust manifolds or headers in order to minimize thermal transfer and maximize performance of your system.

What Temperature Should a 4L60E Transmission Run At?

The 4L60E transmission typically runs at an ideal operating temperature of between 180 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit (82-104 degrees Celsius). This range is considered the best balance between keeping the fluid hot enough to prevent wear, while not getting so hot that it breaks down and causes damage. To ensure your transmission operates within this optimal range, you should install a transmission cooler kit or use an aftermarket cooler if your vehicle does not have one already installed.

Do Aftermarket Transmission Coolers Work?

Aftermarket transmission coolers do work, but their efficacy depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, aftermarket transmission coolers are designed to be more efficient than the factory installed cooler, and can significantly reduce operating temperatures in most cases. They may also come with larger tubing for more efficient cooling and/or include an electric fan for added cooling.

Additionally, since they are separate from the main engine’s radiator, there is less risk that hot engine coolant will enter the transmission fluid lines and damage internal components. Ultimately, whether or not an aftermarket cooler works well is going to depend on its design as well as your vehicle’s specific characteristics.

Best Transmission Cooler for 4L60E


4L60E Transmission Cooler Kit

A 4L60E Transmission Cooler Kit is perfect for those who are looking to extend the life of their transmission. This kit comes with a heavy duty cooler, mounting bracket, and all necessary hardware for installation. With this kit, your transmission will be able to run at optimal temperatures even in extreme conditions, ensuring that it lasts longer and performs better overall.

Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler 4L60E

The Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler 4L60E is a highly efficient and reliable cooler for the GM 4L60E transmission. It features an exclusive “cool tube” technology, which allows the fluid to be cooled much more quickly than other coolers on the market. The Tru-Cool also has increased durability compared to traditional aluminum finned designs due to its cast aluminum construction, providing extra protection from wear and tear.

This makes it perfect for heavy duty applications such as hot rods or off-road vehicles that need maximum cooling performance in extreme conditions.

4L60E Transmission Cooler With Fan

The 4L60E Transmission Cooler With Fan is a great way to keep your transmission running smoothly. It features an integrated fan that circulates air through the cooler, helping to maintain optimal temperatures for your transmission. Its lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to install and its low profile design keeps it out of the way of other components in the engine compartment.

Additionally, this cooler comes with all necessary mounting hardware, making installation a breeze.


In conclusion, the 4L60E transmission is a reliable and powerful piece of equipment. However, it does require regular maintenance and a quality transmission cooler can help to ensure its longevity. The Derale 69025 High Efficiency Transcooler Kit is an excellent option for many 4L60E owners as it includes everything needed for installation and provides superior cooling performance.

With that in mind, selecting the right transmission cooler should never be taken lightly; always make sure you choose one which fits your needs perfectly!


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